New Brickell CityCentre ‘Front Door’: No Construction Likely Before 2015

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Swire is unlikely to do anything with a newly purchased $64 million ‘front door’for Brickell CityCentre in the 700 block of Brickell Avenue until the fall of 2015.

Swire President Stephen Owens told Miami Today that the land could be developed at the same time as a planned second phase for Brickell CityCentre, which includes demolishing  an office building where Eastern National Bank is currently located.

Whatever is built on the site, it is unlikely to be strictly residential, Owens told the paper. Other bidders for the site were Fortune and Related, and both would likely have built residential on the property.

Owens said that the Northern Trust building could become a marketing center for Brickell CityCentre until work on the second phase begins.


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